Hunting Big Game in Mauritius

Stalkings are often done in the afternoon after lunch taken with your guide, because the animals are usually in the woods in the morning, except during the rutting season. As for bow hunters we leave early in the morning but hunting is effective for only 1 hour before the animals go back in the woods again to ruminate.

We hunt in the best areas and we have total exclusivity. The 54 biggest world trophies come from OUR territories and were all taken by our customers. The trophy is not the most important though. What matters above all else is the act, the emotion felt and the desire to win this game.  To have a unique, old and high quality deer is also part of the game …

We have more than 9000 Hectares divided into three hunting areas. Located within 5 minutes drive from your hotel, this wide expanse will seduce you with a climate and habitat which is quite remarkable and unique in Mauritius. Situated in front of a turquoise lagoon, between primary forests and plains, the land is hilly, but still accessible. Your guide is there to help and will adapt to your pace to help you discover the most beautiful places. The goal of the approach is to place you and the animal within the closest to range and and as identifiable as possible.

4 Blaser R8 in 30.06 caliber are all equipped with the latest MINOX scope.It will be graciously lent so that there is no need for you to bring your own rifles. This is how it happens in Mauritius.

Hunting with Le Chasseur Mauricien is not just killing the animals but during your outings, you will also discover our wildlife and our exotic and endemic flora which is our commitment to you and willingness on the part of our structure.

Great game on HIGH SEATS

For hunters preferring high seats or for those with reduced mobility, we have over 250 watchtowers that we build or refurbish every 3 years. They are placed on the usual passages of animals or large grazing meadows. Your guide knows how to call the big deer stags by imitating the stag during the reproduction periods or by imitating the cry of the doe which is also very effective. However, the density of the rusa deer population in our territories will allow you to see, no doubt, many deer, much to your satisfaction.

Driven hunts

The driven hunt is a traditional hunt in Mauritius, practised for nearly 150 years now. Deer density has actually become of great value to all driven hunt lovers. Mauritian hospitality for the traditional part will leave you breathless and make you want to dive again to the rhythm of hounds and “halalila” turners in a driven hunt in Mauritius.
The ‘quota’ of each person will be a brocket, a young doe and a brown pig whatever the measurement of the trophy. Each hunter can also take other animals but for extra fees.


Let us plan your hunting trip. Luxury hotels, airport transfer, hunting trip and other activites.

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