Le Chasseur Mauricien is the oldest Mauritian company which is specialized in hunting in Mauritius.

Rusa Deer

The Biological name for this important deer species is Cervus timorensis rusa. Large herds of Java Deer are found in only a few places on Earth. It ...

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Hunting Big Game

Approaches are often done in the afternoon after lunch taken with your guide, because the animals are usually in the woods in the morning, except d ...

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Hunting Small Game

With the advent of our team of professional small game, we can now offer hunting small game like (pheasants, guinea fowl, francolin India, hare Jap ...

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About the team

Our guides will be at your service to help you in your research of an old and unque Rusa deer. They have the skills and knowledge and are experienced concerning spot and stalk, trophies estimation, place to stay or to stalk…

They can call the animals by imitating their rut vocalize, the fawn deer call… It will be a lifetime experience to hunt with them and they will always do their best to make your hunting dream come true.

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You have a choice of accommodation:

Luxury Hotel
– In 5 star hotel in “all inclusive” (3 ​​meals and all drinks)
– In 5 Star Luxury half board (excluding drinks)

Hunting Camp
Accomodation on the Hunting Zone. Private,wild and comfortabe the hunting zone is the ideal place for nature lovers. With its two rooms , one facing the forest and the other one facing the ocean

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Let’s us plan your hunting trip. Luxury hotels, airport transfer, hunting trip and other activites.

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